The 15 Richest Jamaicans Alive And Their Networth

Wondering who is the richest person in Jamaica currently? Look no further as we list the richest Jamaicans and how much money they have in their possession. Starting from the bottom up. If Bob Marley was alive he would have been the 3rd Wealthiest Living Jamaican with a net worth of US $130 million. However, […]

Top 91 Highest Paying Jobs In Jamaica

What kind of job do you want? Do you know how much you will receive per month? The backbone of success is hardwork and the kind of job you have. Here are 91 Highest paying jobs in Jamaica for 2020 Read also:¬†Top 10 Most Powerful Jamaican Women 2017 91. Field Engineer¬†(Engineering) They must have a […]

Zambian Richest Musician

Zambia has a lot of artists in the entertainment industry but not all of them are in the same level. We have Zambian richest musician and some in the Zambia Entertainment Industry who are not even an inch close to that list. The list is very long but not to take much of your time, […]

Top 10 Richest People in Switzerland

Believe it or not, Switzerland is actually one of the wealthier countries in the entire world. According to Credit Suisse, Switzerland has the highest nominal wealth per adult in the entire world. Not only that, but certain cities in Switzerland are known for having the highest quality life out of every other city on the […]