Top 10 Richest People In Ghana And Their Networth


Ghana has a market-based economy with relatively few policy barriers to trade and investment in comparison with other countries in the African region, and Ghana is endowed with natural resources.

Ghana’s economy was strengthened by a quarter century of relatively sound management, a competitive business environment, and sustained reductions in poverty levels.

These has resulted in the increase in the number of businessmen in the country. information for richest Man in Ghana 2020 Forbes was sourced from Goodmanamc blog.

Glusea.com brings to you the richest man in Ghana 2020. The top ten richest people in Ghana for the year 2020. Read through and dont forget to add your comment below;


10. Serge Bakalian $460 million

Serge Bakalian is the current CEO of the Takoradi Flour Mills. He has been running the affiliated family company since he took over for his Armenian father. The company is among the few firms in the industry, making a considerable fortune in Ghana. Serge Bakalian $460 million

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