Top 10 Richest People in Switzerland

#3 – Gianluigi Aponte ($8.2 Billion)

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Gianluigi Aponte is Italian by birth, but he has lived in Geneva, Switzerland for some time now. The businessman started out as a ferry ship captain, and while working as one he met his wife, Rafaela. In 1970, they entered the container shipping industry together, founding the Mediterranean Shipping Company. The business started out with just a single ship that ferried goods back-and-forth between Europe and Africa.

Fast forward to today, and Mediterranean Shipping Company (often abbreviated as MSC) has practically become a global superpower in terms of container shipment. During the late 1980s, MSC branched off into MSC Cruise, a successful cruise company. In 2014, Aponte stepped down as CEO of MSC, passing his position onto his son, Diego. (This has ensured that the Aponte family remains one of the most influential families in the world’s shipping industry.) He still remains at Mediterranean Shipping Company as a group executive chairman.

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