Zambian Richest Musician


Zambia has a lot of artists in the entertainment industry but not all of them are in the same level. We have Zambian richest musician and some in the Zambia Entertainment Industry who are not even an inch close to that list.

The list is very long but not to take much of your time, we will list only 11 people who are on the list of Zambian Richest Musician.

Macky 2 – Zambian Richest Musician

Macky 2

Mulaza Kaira (born 10 October 1984), also known by the stage names of Macky II, Macky 2, MK, Dj Bugar, and Flava Boy, is a Zambian hip hop musician, singer, and producer.

He is known for participating in the ninth season of Big Brother Africa, where he placed third in the competition. Kaira is from Luanshya in Zambia and runs the Macky 2 Hope Foundation, which supports orphans and vulnerable children.

His younger brother Kondwani Kaira is also a musician and the two have performed together on stage multiple times.

Macky 2 is leading as Zambia’s richest artist with estimated net-worth of K5 million($ 1 million)

Jordan Katembula

 Jordan Katembula

Jordan is a popular Zambian vocalist, composer and producer. He was born in 1978 in Ndola, Zambia.

Top 10 Richest Zambians

His junior school was Chilengwa Basic School in Ndola and he completed his secondary education at Lubuto School, also in Ndola.

Jordan Katembula is second on the list. His estimated net-worth is K3.8 million.


Kayombo use to be on the top of the list until it was discovered that most of his assets are not in his name but rather, his family’s name.

Since the list on this site is not aimed at the top 10 Zambian Richest Musician, Lets look back at the top 10 richest entertainers list published earlier by Zibani Zambia.


During a survey by Global link insiders on African economies and development indicators. They took a deep look inside the African entertainers and their worth’s hence estimating the growth of the entertainment industry.

The association said the Zambian entertainment industry is 90 thousand steps behind the American industry. From the information gathered they could tell that there is less income generated in the industry.

Among the Entertainers the wealthiest is said to be less than $100 thousand U.S dollars. This is a clear indicator that there is less investment in the Entertainment industry.

Gay Nelson the director of the non-governmental association came up with the following list of the estimated net worth’s of the Zambian Entertainers, Starting with the Wealthiest to the least rich entertainer.

1. Kayombo

Is a dancehall artist with different investments ranging from real estate to boutiques, his is the wealthiest entertainer in Zambia with assets worth of $97,000.

2. Jordan Katembula

Comes second on the list with unspecified investments only a few are known which are music, car dealing and other unnamed businesses his worth $79,000.

3. Cactus Agony

The entertainer runs both his personal and family business, from his personal business his estimated to be generating some breath taking amounts. He comes third with $77,000.

4. Salma and Tivo Shikapwasha

The couple runs different businesses behind the music scene ranging from car hire to transport services. They are estimated to be worth $73,000.

5. King Dandy

The copper belt based artist is been busy touring the nation and getting a lot of support from his political inclined songs such as Donch kubeba which earned him an expensive vehicle from the late republican president. Kolopa dot com has yet set him higher than most o the artists his estimated to be $72,000 richer.

6. Organised Family

Comes in at number six the duo has done a lot of hit songs during their career which is almost at the end. Even though the duo is losing their popularity every day the two are worth $70,000.

7. Slapdee

Comes in at number the CEO of XYZ is has been successful music wise, he has also invested in different businesses ranging from clothing, printing, tomatoes and transport services. His show in Cyprus is said to have earned him a lot of money he is worth $68,000.

8. Kanji

A lawyer by profession comes in at number eight. She has done a lot of business investments inside and outside the country. She is estimated to be worth $61,000.

9. Mc Wabwino

Comes in at number 9 the legendary artist who is now a born again Christian earns a monthly salary which makes him scoop the 9th position. He is estimated to be worth $59,000.

10. Ephraim

The only gospel artist who has made it on the list with an estimated networth of $52,000. The legendary vocalist has a few businesses running behind the music scene which were withheld by the artist for personal reasons.

These are the wealthiest Entertainers in Zambia. A comparison with the west African Entertainers, the tenth spot is picked by Wizkid who is worth $11 million USD meanwhile in Zambia Ephraim comes in at No.10 with $52,000. Mr Nelson said most of the artist’s money is not generated from the music but other private business.